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After a lifetime in Pittsburgh–and a decade in college classrooms teaching history, political science, and communication–I moved to Dallas, Texas in 2015 to officially become a full-time freelancer. That was always the goal, but sometimes the realities of our dreams look different than we had imagined.

The majority of my work week is spent doing corporate consulting. Specifically, I do strategic communications of all stripes, curriculum creation, organizational development, and more.

Away from day job, I work on getting creative writing projects published. My book Undead was published in 2012, and a number of other pieces have appeared in a variety of places. My favorite kind of writing to do is personal essay or memoir-style pieces about any of the crazy events of my life, including plenty I’ve pursued. I enjoy writing fiction too and one of my new goals is to get some short pieces published.

If writing is the┬ápeanut butter, then speaking has been my jelly throughout this freelance career. I’ve spoken at a number of events and academic conferences over the years. I’ve also done a hefty chunk of live radio and have been podcasting since 2011. The main show I’ve done since 2012 is called The StoryMen Podcast.

When I’m not chasing the words, I listen to gobs of music and see every movie I can. Reading is also a passion, as is travel. When it comes to sports, hockey is my absolute favorite. I love me some food too and enjoy tasting the finest cuisine all over the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and beyond.

If you’d like to learn more about my freelance life, please poke around my site. As Ace Ventura said, “Go ahead, snoop around.” For now, I’ll leave you with some snapshots of various events I’ve spoken at in recent years.


On location in Spokane in 2015 with Z Nation Directors Dan Merchant and John Hyams as we recorded our 100th episode of The StoryMen podcast in grand style.


Speaking about the cultural significance of zombies as part of a panel to a standing room only session at Baylor’s Faith & Culture Symposium in 2014.


Doing a reading and Q&A w/ students at Eastfield College in 2016 for “Back to the Stacks” event promoting libraries.


Speaking on a panel at the All-Con in Dallas in 2015 with Gabriel Guerrero and fellow authors Jake Kerr and JR. Forasteros. Our topic was “What Does God Need with a Starship?”


Lecturing on some political science at Community College of Allegheny County in 2014.


Signing a copy of Undead at Baylor in 2014 after guest speaking at a class on Story.


Speaking to a group of students about Undead things.


Interviewing David Crowder during my three year stint doing music journalism.


With Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch and his Love & Death mates J.R. and Dan at a music festival in 2012.


Interviewing John Cooper of Skillet on the week their album Rise hit number 1 in 2013.

Making a weird face during a talk on what we are Haunted by at Catalyst Rowlett church in 2015.


Speaking to a visiting group of Chinese college students on America’s origins in the German Room at the University of Pitt’s Cathedral of Learning in 2014.


I presented a mix of keynotes and breakout sessions at academic conferences over the years.