This week’s featured film is White House Down which comes out June 28th and stars Jamie Foxx and Magic Mike, check that, Channing Tatum. I got confused there because Tatum wears an undershirt while fighting all the terrorists because why take Kevlar off any of the bad guys you kill.

Looks like Maggie Gyllenhaal plays the female lead, although she’s never at her best when she tries to play a tough guy. But glad to see her back in action after what the Joker did to her. Bruce Wayne will be so relieved.

The plot seems pretty realistic. A criminal mastermind manages to compromise, blow up, and/or occupy the Capitol, Air Force One, the White House and more all at once. Let’s take a look.

I think they basically gave us the whole movie eh? I’m kind of getting an “Air Force One but inside the White House” vibe. This one will probably be a rental for me.

What do you think?

Trailer Gold or Trailer Trash?

How do you rate White House Down?


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