How Was Your Week?

Undead Sign Clay MorganWhat a busy week!! I’d love to hear how your week has gone. Anything good to report?

While you think about it, here’s a quick glimpse to where I’ve been the past few days (since I clearly haven’t been here on my own site much).

A couple weeks back I covered Run For Your Lives Pittsburgh and turned my experience and interviews into a feature for Patheos.

Run For Your Life: Faith in a Zombie Culture

Speaking of Patheos, they’re running a special two week book club for Undead. Check it out!


A couple of great guys also interviewed me this week.

Tor Constantino (@torcon) from the The Daily Retort

7 Questions With an Author: Clay Morgan

Chad Jones (@RandomlyChad) from Randomly Chad

Interview With Author Clay Morgan


Finally, I got to do my first ever book signing! Thanks so much to everyone who’s supported me.

book signing 2


Tell me about your week

  • Dude! Thanks for taking time out to answer the questions. I learned a lot, and know my readers did, too. Thanks, Clay!

  • Well, on Monday I went to the dentist, on Tuesday I interviewed Clay Morgan (turns out he’s a nice guy), on Wednesday I had to be at work at 2am, and the rest has flown by until tonight when I was forced to Google images for “boxers or briefs”. I didn’t enjoy that at all. Really. And that’s why it took me so long to find just the right picture.

  • Leanne Shirtliffe

    A Late Night Haiku Review.

    Medication sucks.
    Naps, friends, and homemade soup don’t.
    Still, writing progressed.

    (Happy counting on your fingers.)

    • Virtual HUG! (but don’t breathe on me)

    • If I could send some homemade soup I would. I hope you finally kick that sickness!

  • Susie Lindau

    You’re a lefty??? Wow! No wonder you are so creative. I am a righty and was an illustrator. If I had been a lefty I may have discovered some new abstract painting technique!
    I finished my first sex scene and am getting close to the end of my rewrite. I am hoping to finish this week, but I said that last week!
    Congrats on your book signing. I still need to order your book! I have to buy a Kindle too. I have a Nook, but what good is that when everyone is only available on Kindle?
    Have another spectacular week!

    • Wow Susie Q, a writer and an actress! So is that gonna be a straight to video deal or what? Just remember, God loves porn stars!

      • Susie Lindau

        I’m just the writer!

        • Oops, my mistake 😉 I need to get back over to your site and subscribe. Apparently I’m totally missing out.

  • Susie Lindau

    Hey! It is on Nook and I just downloaded it. Yay!

  • I have given myself till the end of the month to finish writing my second book of humor essays (so I can do my 9th NaNoWriMo without shame and guilt, although that usually helps). But I made the mistake of starting your book yesterday during a lunch break at a writers’ association board meeting. When we had to get back to the meeting, I wanted to just sneak out to my car with the book and keep reading. Today? I’m taking a sabbath (gotta love that 4th commandment) and am going to READ. So far, it’s totally awesome. I am so relieved to find I am not a total freak for having faith and yet adoring Stephen King, Anne Rice, and The Walking Dead. 😉

    • That’s so great to hear Linda! Thank you and I would love to use that last sentence you wrote to explain that aspect of Undead to people.
      As for NaNoWriMo I am going to be going after it for the first time myself this year. Not sure how it will be possible, but I’ll take the energy of others to get a huge chunk of writing done.

  • Thanks for asking, Clay. Congats on your continued book launch. Excited to read your book.

    My week was up and down. Being back to work after our daughter was born has been an unenthusiastic adjustment, but I’ve gotten the opportunity to shoot some photos (not my main job) in exchange for free lunch each day so that’s cool.

    Also, been mulling over my blog and some changes I want to make in order to be more impactful and focused. Stay tuned.

    • I bet that is an adjustment. Congratulations! I hope your baby girl’s a good sleeper for you.

  • Jess

    Oh my. My week was the perfect mix of torture and peace, sickness and health, activity and forced boredom. I could go into that but I won’t. 🙂 I will say that my weekend was one of the best and most relaxing I’ve had in a long time, and I’m thankful for that!
    I love your book, as does Mum.

  • Jack Large

    I’m sorry I wasn’t at that event to meet you and get your book. When I do get it, I most certainly hope it will be inscribed.

    • Thanks Jack! Hopefully our paths will cross.