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Are you looking for a speaker who is conversational and fun yet professional and poignant?

If so, I might be your guy and would be thrilled to talk with you about your speaker needs. As a teacher at multiple colleges I know how challenging it is to snag the attention of people in a distracting world, especially students.

Of all the speaking I’ve done over the years perhaps I’m most honored by the times I’ve been asked to speak to assemblies of professors and other leaders about how to engage an audience. I especially love talking to students.

If you’re looking for an event speaker this page will help you find out a little about me and the kind of speaking I can do in case you’d like to book me.

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I love connecting with people and sharing in those awesome moments when laughter, awareness, and meaning happen. It’s frustrating to endure a boring talk that falls flat once you know how great the presentation of a message can be.  If you’re considering me as a speaker, you’re probably wondering what I have to offer.

  • I have extensive experience speaking to both mainstream and faith-based audiences.
  • I always bring energy and enthusiasm to whatever topic I’m presenting.
  • You’ll get some humor, entertaining historical anecdotes, pop culture references, and a variety of visuals.
  • I can accommodate your schedule whether you need a single presentation or series of talks for a longer event.

I’ve spoken on many topics over the years and can work within the framework of any theme you may be considering, but here are some of my favorite topics to perhaps give you some ideas:

  • Identity-Calling-Opportunity: Who am I and what in the world and I supposed to do? Humans have been asking those whoppers since the beginning of time. In this presentation, I share about some famous people who wrestled with the same question and how ultimately our identity can only be found outside ourselves in a transcendent Creator.
  • Spiritual Life: My series “Four Funerals & A Wedding” has been adapted from my book Undead (Abingdon 2012) about individuals reportedly raised from the dead in the 1st century. Is God still crashing funerals today? What are we supposed to do when it feels like the important things are missing in life? In this presentation, I talk about how we can overcome the emptiness of feeling dead inside.
  • The Creation of America: More a category than a specific talk. What would you like to know about early America? Some topics here include early English settlers, the First Great Awakening of the 18th century which forever changed Protestantism and led to the era of revolution and, well, just about anything ever in American history!
  • The U.S. Constitution: America’s founding document is awesome, relevant as ever, and easier to understand than most people realize. I’d love to share about the ideas behind our democracy, how our government works, or any number of topics from the world of Constitutional law.
  • America’s Tense Historical Relationship with Religion: Talk about a subject that never loses it’s punch. From the founding fathers to Facebook friends, we have been bickering over the role of government in religious life for centuries. What’s the deal with the separation of church and state? Isn’t America a Christian nation? Is the end nigh?! Such questions can be addressed in a fascinating exploration of the reality of life and law in a pluralistic society.

When it comes to American history and culture, I love all of it, so if you desire a well-researched, engaging talk on life in the United States from any time period in the past few centuries let me know! Movies are another popular topic. I’ve given specific talks as requested on films like Groundhog Day and Man of Steel. Set up a watch party and I’ll emcee with a thoughtful presentation afterward.

My Guarantee to You

If you choose to work with me I’ll respond promptly and work with you and your team to create a customized program for your event. I’ll also do everything I can to promote the event if you like, but most of all I’ll deliver a passionate and engaging presentation filled with meaning. I also believe that relationships matter more than anything and love spending time with all the groups I’m fortunate enough to meet. If you want to do a time of Q & A, great.  I love talk back sessions too.

“I’m not only thankful for how well my students responded to Clay’s teachings, but for how quickly they responded to him. His friendliness and warmth with his audience, as well as his willingness to engage students beyond the time he spent speaking up front, built a trust that ultimately gave his message more credence—an invaluable and tangibly delivered message about spiritual life and death!”

Kim Snyder, Middle School Ministry Coordinator, Vienna Presbyterian Church

After one retreat in the fall of 2012, I sat down with Barry Hill, an amazing youth leader based outside Washington D.C.

I hope we get to meet and work together sometime.

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Other Speaking Services: Finally, I’ve been a regular speaker for a couple of years at academic conferences on:

  • Student engagement
  • Web-based tools for classrooms
  • Resume building & Interview skills

If you would like me to speak at your conference or to other educators please contact me.

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