This spring marked five years since I first Googled “what is a blog” before starting one. At that point in 2009 I hadn’t written much for far too long and was going to burst if I didn’t start laying words down somewhere.

It’s amazing how lost we can get in life at times, how little we can know about ourselves. I can’t even fathom my life without writing, yet there I was not so many years ago tied up in a different kind of existence with the truest part of myself turned off, unplugged like the plug to a buzz saw lying limp on the floor.

Photo credit: Hyena via WikiCommons

Photo credit: Hyena via WikiCommons

I’m so glad I started writing those first posts, most of them not good for months, all of them scattered as I tried to figure out my niche, style, and voice. Once the saw is turned on you have to spend loads of time sharpening the blade. Then one day in 2010 WordPress made one of my posts go viral, and everything changed.

Because of blogging. How cool is that?

These days I’ve joined forces with fun friends over at where we ponder pop culture, life, and other internet ridiculousness. We’d love for you to check it out.

But I’m still here too. This site will serve as my central internet hub but still has a blog component. My life as a writer and speaker will be featured here as well as some other parts of this journey as a career freelancer. I’ve gone a decade now without a full-time employer and find many people interested in hearing how that works and if they should pursue such a lifestyle. It’s a good question in this digital age where work and careers are being redefined.

So whether you’re here to join in the journey or eyeball what goes on from a distance, welcome to the new ClayWrites.

If you have any thoughts, questions, or suggestions for me go ahead and put them in the comments or follow the Contact tab on the menu to email me.