My Birthday Video 2013!

Hey ya’ll! I miss you internet. Well, it’s my birthday and I’m checking in with some thoughts on life and a hint at some updates.

  • Happy Birthday! Nice story, too. I had to age a bit before I reached a point where I started being happy where I am and with the experiences I’m having, rather than pining for things I missed by “this much!”. I still have those moments of “man, if only…”. But they just don’t have the same emotional punch and lasting power. The older I get, the less I find I mind aging.

    Except the knees and eyes. I’d love to have some younger eyes. 🙂

    • Thanks Michelle. Those “if only” moments are powerful. I’m thinking more and more that the trick to life is to ignore them.

  • Happy (belated) Birthday! Great opener! 🙂