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Hows about a quick round up of some sweet monster action happening this week including a new weekly podcast that yours truly will be appearing on?

In case you missed it, Alise Wright and I joined Knox McCoy on his Xtra Bacon podcast last week to preview the new season of The Walking Dead.

We’ve decided to go all coffee and zombies for a weekly recap of the show in which we’ll collectively cringe at all the terrible things that happen while pondering life and the fate of people who don’t even really exist.

Here we recap the premier of season 3 inΒ the latest edition of THE WEEKLY DEAD PODCAST.

Want a sneak peak first? Here you go:


Also excited to bring you another feature I wrote for Patheos about the rising appeal of all things horror from family movies to The Walking Dead. Check out OUR SHADOW SIDE: THE APPEAL OF THE WALKING DEAD.


I’ve also pulled together all the reviews of my new book Undead. Visit the UNDEAD REVIEWS PAGE where you can check out what people all over the web are saying about the book. Write your own review and I’ll add you to the wall with links to your site!


Finally, how about a treat for you courtesy of Matt Mikalatos. Take the WHAT KIND OF MONSTER ARE YOU? PERSONALITY TEST created by Matt. You can see how I scored in the comments section over there.

Plenty of stuff to dig into so Bon Appetit!