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April 14 – April 20, 2013

Rough week for America. From the tragic attack at the Boston Marathon to the explosion of that fertilizer plant in Texas, the bad news piled up over the past few days, relentless and intense. I tried to avoid getting sucked into the riveting manhunt all day Friday but like most everyone else couldn’t resist by the evening when reports were confirmed that the remaining suspect was hiding in that boat.

Will justice comfort us? I’m not sure but am glad that this immediate threat has been dealt with. All the men and women responding to these threats were remarkable. If you would like to support those who defend us at home and abroad check out the Gary Sinise Foundation.

In personal news, I gave my first final of the semester! This is good because I will now have hours freed up to write.

I saw Admission with Tina Fey and Paul Rudd. Not a bad rom-com, one that actually has a surprise twist. Also, yours truly won a sweet 42 prize pack from Rebecca Cusey’s Tinsel Talk blog which I always enjoy. Can’t wait to see Jackie’s story on the big screen.

Here’s the rest of The Till.


StoryMen Episode 12–Jackie Kessler and the Riders of the Apocalpyse

We had another great author on The StoryMen this week. Jackie Kessler has already published over ten books. Her latest, Breath, concludes her Riders of the Apocalypse series which YOU CAN WIN! Click over to find out how.


What was the Korean War?–USA History Guy

A lot of students have been asking about North Korea, so the new USA History Guy video covers the conflict in Korea from 1950-1953, and it only takes three minutes to get an understanding of how the past connects to current events.


Movies I watched this week

  • The Bay (2012)–I’m not typically a fan of found footage films but this one is cleverly constructed, a new take on creature features that gets under your skin. If you scare easily or get freaked out don’t watch this movie. Also, if you want to enjoy swimming or showering or drinking water don’t watch this film. Or if you want to enjoy the Chesapeake Bay ever again.
  • Admission (2013)–Described above.
  • Atlantic City (1980)–Burt Lancaster and Susan Sarandon are the unlikely combo in this one, a story about an aging two-bit criminal and the young woman he gets friendly with. I was intrigued watching Moonlight Graham (Lancaster’s character in Field of Dreams) cutting up cocaine and being a peeping tom.


Books I’m reading

  • The Inner Circle by Brad Meltzer–First Meltzer book I’ve read. I never thought much about him until he started hosting Decoded on The History Channel which I’ve seen a couple times. I found this book sitting around and started reading one night. The first 60 pages were fast-paced and sucked me right in. Cool story so far about famous documents in the National Archives and how presidents have maintained some hidden secrets since the time of George Washington.

Good Articles

  • Golden Star: Bradley Cooper Visits Boston Bombing Victim–When I saw the devastating image of Jeff Bauman Jr. being pushed away from the Boston Marathon bombing in a wheelchair I couldn’t think about anything else for hours. Glad to see celebrities like Cooper and Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman encouraging the man who lost both legs.
  • In praise of shift by Focus on the Family–From USA Today, this article describes a surprising, and helpful I think, acknowledgment from one of the largest Christian organizations on the planet.


What was the highlight of your week?

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