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Author Clay Morgan

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My book Undead was published by Abingdon Press in 2012. My current work in progress is tentatively called Haunted, a memoir-y, travel book similar to the style of Sarah Vowell, Tony Horwitz, and Bill Bryson with maybe a touch of Chuck Klosterman.

In Haunted, I journey all over America to some of the spookiest sites famous for paranormal and supernatural phenomenon. The central question is What are we haunted by? Along the way I meet some wild and interesting characters. It’s a lot of fun with bursts of poignancy. As you can see in my old photo, I’ve tried to keep smiling while chasing meaning in history and death for a long time.

I’m working to complete the book by summer 2017 and then polish the manuscript as my agent shops it for the general market. You can see some pictures taken along the crazy adventure a little further down this page.

“Life isn’t defined by extreme fear or faith but rather a quest to be fully alive during the simple blandness of routine days.” ~ Clay Morgan

UNDEAD: Revived, Resuscitated, and Reborn features a unique story-telling style, humor, loads of delicious pop culture references, and insight into our shared experiences to hunt down an answer to a question as old as time: What does it mean to be truly alive?

Have you ever felt like something was MISSING?

Could our cultural fascination with the undead have something to do with deeper, spiritual longings and a nagging sense of eternity baked into our DNA? Many of us move through life just like those fictitious monsters. We shamble around all lifeless like zombies or make like vampires and suck the life out of those around us. Fortunately, we don’t have to stay that way. The undead can get Undead.

Ancient historical traditions and biblical narratives record multiple incidents of the undead, and the New Testament records seven separate cases of dead people returning to life through divine power. No one had written a book about all these amazing tales, so I did.

Some snapshots from my current book research…