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I almost majored in communications while enrolling in university. Came real close. I did get a job in the audio lab but got fired for being an irresponsible kid.

It would’ve been real interesting had I pursued that route because years later when I came into my I own I learned two things:

  1. I love doing live radio.
  2. I’m pretty good at it.

After being interviewed on-air a couple times for some work I did in the community, my book Undead came out, and I enjoyed a mini media blitz with a smattering of interviews including a nice in studio conversation in Pittsburgh at 101.5 WORD-FM. Before long, John and Kathy invited me to fill in as guest co-host when he vacationed.

For me, there’s nothing like showing up at a studio for the frenetic prep of an afternoon drive. You might have an hour to scan a couple books for whoever is being interviewed that day, but in that same time you have to be up on current events, including breaking news. I was on air the day Prince William and Princess Kate finally had their baby. I hadn’t paid much attention to that, but all of sudden we were leading the show with it and doing a spontaneous interview about some related topic.

With Kathy Emmons during commercial break.

Then there’s all the fun filler you have to come up with for non-interview segments. Sometimes you have to fill two minutes with the producer talking in one ear and your co-host in the other. It’s fast and furious, and you gotta stay on your toes. Many folks say it’s the last thing they would ever want to do. Guess I’m just wired to enjoy it and really loved doing those shows with Kathy.

After moving to Dallas, I returned home to do some shows and tell Pittsburgh how bad their food is.

Of course, I love internet radio and podcasting to, so check out my show The StoryMen!