As a teacher of political science and government at a couple colleges for the past few years I’ve received one question more than any other from students.

How does the electoral college work?

So, the person who gets the most votes doesn’t win? Not necessarily. Why? Because of the electoral college. But don’t they pick a president based on who got the most votes? Sort of.

Sometimes learning about our electile dysfunction feels like an angry gnome must be running around your brain with toothpicks and pop rocks.

So let’s clear up some confusion. I wish you could sit in my class when we go over this topic because I love watching all the light bulbs go on as this crazy, outdated system begins to make sense. Fortunately, we have the internet.

One of the gems I’ve discovered this year is CGPGrey on YouTube. This guy is making my job much easier by creating a sweet set of videos on many topics. Today, I’m sharing the electoral college collection. They’re fast, fun, and informative. Be informed about the unique and controversial way America chooses her leaders.

Seriously, you will instantly get smarter by watching these.

Here’s a quick list of the following three videos:

1. How the Electoral College Works

2. What If the Electoral College is Tied?

3. The Trouble with the Electoral College

Finally, here’s CNN’s attempt to explain the process. Not bad.

Is this making any more sense yet?