You can find a “best of” list for just about everything this time of year. I’ve been keeping an eye out for the best ones. Well, I haven’t literally been keeping an eye out. That would be painful.

Best of 2012

Some of these lists are really interesting, some will help you catch up on everything you missed this past year. I did use a simple methodolgy that included Googling stuff and eliminating:

  1. …anyone who makes us click through every item on your list. Unless you are SUPER epic (like the TIME Best Inventions one IMO) or have a super slick interface (SPIN’s 50 Best Albums for example) I’m not click, click, clicking through every point on your bloated list.
  2. …anyone who isn’t capable of designing an easily readable list that isn’t a total clutterclot of wordy noise (I’m looking at you Forbes).

So here, in no particular order, are some of the best “Best of 2012” lists of 2012

  • YouTube Rewind 2012 ~ YouTube [Creative way to recap the biggest videos of the year from YT]
  • Top Colleges in the World ~ The Guardian [I must say I’m proud to teach at one of the schools on this list, The University of Pittsburgh]
  • Best Desserts of 2012 ~ Inquirer Lifestyle [I will never be around any of these, but they look amazing]


In related news, I gotta give props to my friend Bryan Allain who made TIME’s 15 Most Memorable Tweets of Election Night along with Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Lady Gaga & others.

There are gobs of lists out there. Have you found any good ones?

Which of these is most interesting to you?