Colorado Rockies and Aurora victims


Sports is a part of pop culture and will be a subtopic on this site, but my goal is to focus on positive stories from the sports world. The plan is to regularly discover the good these men and women do in our world because the sad truth is that we mostly only hear about over-glorified achievements, personal mistakes, or crimes.

Don’t get me wrong; I love sports and all those wonderful goals, touchdowns, and home runs. I just like to celebrate the most important things these athletes do which is to sometimes help change lives.

After the devastating tragedy in Aurora, the first athletes I heard about where some Denver Broncos players who showed up at the hospital to meet some of the survivors. Since then I’ve discovered a number of similar stories worth sharing. The following list contains 9 stories of individuals or teams who have reached out to victims.


Denver Broncos Visit Survivors

A number of Broncos players went to the hospital. Legendary quarterback Peyton Manning–the new Broncos starter–also reached out by phone to four people who survived the shooting.

Tim Tebow Reconnects With His Community

Last year’s starting QB in Denver was Tebow who used to live just 5 minutes from the movie theater in Aurora.

Colorado Rockies At University of Colorado Hospital

Rockies players and manager Jim Tracy also spent time with survivors and the hard-working hospital staff.

Team USA Olympic Shooters Compete With Heavy Hearts

American shooters train in Colorado, only an hour away from Aurora, a community on their minds in London.

Carolina Panthers Receiver Steve Smith Donates $100K

Smith quickly decided to help offset medical expenses for the families of victims.

“As a father and husband I cannot imagine the pain and suffering the victims are going through,” he said in a statement. “My family’s hearts and prayers are extended to theirs…Hopefully this helps a little bit. From one NFL city to another, God bless.”

The Hockey World Responds

Players wore black headbands during summer league play to remember the victims.


This list isn’t meant to be comprehensive, so feel free to share any other good stories you heard about athletes in Aurora.


I hope to post positive stories about athletes on a regular, perhaps weekly, basis. If you know of any such stories from the sports world please e-mail me.