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Hi, I’m Clay.

I write about pop culture, history, and faith and am the author of Undead: Revived, Resuscitated, and Reborn (Abingdon). In addition to writing and speaking, I spent a decade teaching courses in history, political science, and communication at a few colleges in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. These days I’m a full-time consultant and writer in Dallas, where I live with a Yorkie named Romy and a piece of Alexander Hamilton’s hair.

For the past decade, I’ve been living the life of a freelancer which usually entails more than a lot of people realize. If you’d like to see what I mean check out this page where you can even consider if you and I should work together on something.

I love questions and the answers they lead us to find and believe the truth is out there, a real thing we can capture. We just have to make some connections to bridge the gaps. Drawing those connections, between ideas and people, is exciting work.

Some of my favorite topics include movies and books, but any cultural subject is up for grabs. In reality, my youthful days were mostly a mashup of playing video games, visiting the homes of dead people, and general awkwardness in moments requiring me to be cool.

Aside from writing, I also podcast and vlog. I’m basically a man about town if the internet were a town and people still talked like it was the 1940s. Most of all, I love getting into all sorts of adventures, especially in the name of research. This site features updates about those hunts, but you can connect even more at NorvilleRogers.com where I blog with Matt Mikalatos and JR. Forasteros. We also team up for The StoryMen Podcast to have fun talking about culture, history, and theological musings, often with great guests from all walks of life.

I love connecting with people so please say hello at NorvilleRogers.com or on Twitter @ClayMorganPA.

  • Chinese food 75%
  • Family & Friends 90%
  • Sports 50%
  • Walking my dog 40%
  • Referencing movies 85%
  • Live music 30%
  • Photography 15%
  • Calculating percentages 3%
  • Thrift shopping 35%
  • Social media 80%
They say you don’t really know a man until you’ve seen a random blurb about him on the internet. If I was forced to sum up how I spend some of my free time it might look like this. Also, in what possible scenario would I be forced to do that? I guess if an alien race were involved it might be a sensible solution to better understand our culture, but I feel like we’re getting distracted.

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