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After years of college teaching I’m bringing my classroom to you! Learn about American history, politics, government & more through short, info-packed videos.

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Join author Melissa Tagg and I as we talk about films and actors from the Golden Age of Hollywood through the early 1970s.

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Ever get bored? I don’t and am endlessly fascinated by many pursuits and interests. Click the pic if you want to learn more about some of the work I do. Here are some of my professional interests.


  • Writing 95%
  • Teaching 90%
  • Speaking 70%
  • Adventuring 60%

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Some updates and thoughts.


Talking Pop Culture in Education on HuffPostLive! [Video]

A producer from HuffPostLive contacted me the other night to join a segment on Dr. Anthony Tobia, a professor of psychiatry at Rutgers who uses Seinfeld to teach third and fourth year students. The class is called Psy-Feld. Clever stuff. The conversation moves from Seinfeld specifically to whether or not pop culture is an effective or even appropriate tool for education. I joined the segment midway through and really enjoyed the conversation. I’ve done television segments before but this was my first live experience. I was at lunch with Blake Leath who runs the consulting firm I work for, so he set me up in his awesome studio space for the remote interview. Everything went off without a glitch, and I hope to join HuffPostLive again for a future...

I’m Moving to Dallas! Can We Stay In Touch?

Super short version: I’m moving to Texas and want to keep in contact with everyone I know, or anyone who’s interested, through a simple “Friends of Clay” letter I’ll send out every couple months. I also wish I had a Christmas card list every winter to send holiday greetings to everyone, so this will accomplish that. May I add you to my address list? Yes, let’s keep in touch ~*~*~ More detailed version: I’ve spent my entire life in Pittsburgh, and never thought I would leave. I love my home, and less than one year ago did not see any major changes in the works. But working as an adjunct teacher at a handful of colleges for a decade is a tough way to go, and 2014 became the year I could no longer count on the tenuous work I’ve been blessed with for years. After a lot of thought, prayer, and conversations with good people, I began looking for opportunities beyond the Burgh. As I brushed up my resume I realized it’s looking pretty sharp these days, one of the advantages of giving away so much work for so many years. In the end, I decided to take an opportunity to go to Dallas and pursue full-time work as a freelancer and consultant. I’ve got some ongoing work as well as a variety of projects in development. Certainly planning to publish more books, and I may even do some teaching now that I can do it as a supplemental thing and not something I rely on to pay bills. Saying goodbye to so many people is tough. Most...

Teaching Chinese Students About America

In the summer of 2012, I received a message at one of the colleges I teach at telling me about an international group of students who would soon be visiting from China’s Zhejiang University. Their stay in Pittsburgh was part of a three week English practicum course in America during which they would visit many schools like Harvard, Yale, Carnegie Mellon, Pitt etc… They would visit Pittsburgh, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles. Basically I was super jealous. What an amazing trip! The issue was that they were scheduled to hear a lecture at Carnegie Mellon on July 5th, and normal history professors were on vacation. But not me. So since a) I haven’t had a break from teaching in nearly a decade, b) I used to never turn down an opportunity (and still would never pass on one this great), and c) I don’t exactly go out and party hard on the Fourth of July, I said I would LOVE to speak that morning. I was asked to teach the students about American culture/history/political systems/religion and about what makes America such a great country. For one hour I did my thing, flashing visuals, moving around energetically as I tend to do, making jokes, posing as George Washington. Then we took a break. “How am I doing?” I asked Jasmine, the wonderful woman who brought me in. She asked Gaoying, the main organizer of the trip, to take a quick poll. After a minute of conferring they came back and said, “The students say they understand about 70% of what you say. This is very good!” Thumbs...

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